Holistic Counselling

Relieve stress and find clarity with holistic counselling
Holistic counselling

Holistic counselling is a person-centered style of therapeutic support covering a range of issues such as relationships, health and well-being, depression, anxiety, and more.

Holistic counselling believes that the client is their own expert, and we are there to provide support and another perspective to assist them in making the necessary changes in their lives.

With the support of counselling you can find answers to many of your life’s challenges. Through counselling, clients have been able to dramatically improve their quality of life and gain a sense of balance and peace that they were not able to achieve on their own.

Anxiety, stress and depression are unfortunately common symptoms of modern society but do not need to rule your life. With holistic counselling you can take back your life today.

Fee: $100 + GST for a 1 hour counselling session | view counselling schedule